Module-level documentation for neuraxle.metaopt.repositories.json. Here is an inheritance diagram, including dependencies to other base modules of Neuraxle:

Neuraxle’s JSON Hyperparameter Repository Classes

Data objects and related repositories used by AutoML, SQL version.

Classes are splitted like this for the AutoML: - Projects - Clients - Rounds (runs) - Trials - TrialSplits - MetricResults



Hyperparams repository that saves json files for every AutoML trial.

Examples using neuraxle.metaopt.repositories.json.HyperparamsOnDiskRepository

class neuraxle.metaopt.repositories.json._OnDiskRepositoryLoggerHandlerMixin(cache_folder: str)[source]

Bases: object

Mixin to add a disk logging handler to a repository. It has a cache_folder.

__init__(cache_folder: str)[source]

Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.

add_logging_handler(logger: neuraxle.logging.logging.NeuraxleLogger, scope: → neuraxle.metaopt.repositories.repo.HyperparamsRepository[source]

Adds an on-disk logging handler to the repository. The file at this scope can be retrieved with the method get_scoped_logger_path().

get_log_from_logging_handler(logger: neuraxle.logging.logging.NeuraxleLogger, scope: → str[source]
get_folder_at_scope(scope: → str[source]
get_scoped_logger_path(scope: → str[source]
class neuraxle.metaopt.repositories.json.HyperparamsOnDiskRepository(cache_folder: str = None)[source]

Bases: neuraxle.metaopt.repositories.json._OnDiskRepositoryLoggerHandlerMixin, neuraxle.metaopt.repositories.repo.HyperparamsRepository

Hyperparams repository that saves json files for every AutoML trial.

See also

AutoML, Trainer,

__init__(cache_folder: str = None)[source]

Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.

load(scope:, deep=False) → SubDataclassT[source]

Get metadata from scope.

The fetched metadata will be the one that is the last item that is not a None in the provided scope.


scope (ScopedLocation) – scope to get metadata from.


metadata from scope.

save(_dataclass: SubDataclassT, scope:, deep=False) → neuraxle.metaopt.repositories.repo.HyperparamsRepository[source]

Save metadata to scope.

  • metadata – metadata to save.

  • scope (ScopedLocation) – scope to save metadata to.

  • deep (bool) – if True, save metadata’s sublocations recursively so as to update.

_load_dc(scope:, deep=False) → SubDataclassT[source]
_load_json_file(load_file: str)[source]
_load_dc_sublocation_keys(_dataclass: SubDataclassT, scope: → SubDataclassT[source]
_save_dc(_dataclass: SubDataclassT, scope:, deep=False)[source]
_get_dataclass_filename_path(scope:, _dataclass: Optional[SubDataclassT] = None)[source]
_patch_scope_for_dataclass(scope:, _dataclass: Optional[] = None)[source]
_abc_impl = <_abc_data object>